Everyone is welcome to move to Kökar!

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We have a good society with well-functioning services. There is a daycare centre for the young ones, a school beautifully situated by the sea and a home for the elderly. There is everything you need from childhood to old age!



Kökar immigration team (KIT)

KIT consists of a number of inhabitants covering a wide range, in order to give the best possible welcome and information to those moving to Kökar. We have experienced moving here ourselves and know what kind of issues may come up.

KIT helps you before, during and after moving here; with everything from the tiniest little question to major concerns.

The members of KIT are not employed by the municipality to offer help moving in. The team consists of volunteers, but cooperates with the municipality.

Please contact the municipality to get in touch with us. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – we are here to help you.

Are you interested in joining KIT? Please contact us!

To rent or to build a home?

It is possible for everyone to purchase a home for permanent living. The municipality of Kökar offers, through the company Fastighets Ab Horsklint, cosy rental flats with 1-3 rooms and kitchen. Most have sauna and fireplace, some also carport.

The municipality also offers some advantageous plots of land in Karlby for the construction of family houses. The plots are around 2000 m² and are sold at 1,50 € / m², including water- and drainage connection fees. The deal is that within three years, the plots are to be built on with dwelling-houses for permanent living. Otherwise the purchase of the plot is cancelled. A berth for personal use can be arranged for in Karlby or Finnö. More information is available from the municipal manager.

The municipality also offers plots of land at other locations. A building plan will be established in 2012-2013 for a new, beautifully situated residential area in Hellsö. The area has a long shoreline, and there will be both plots for one-family houses and for terraced houses.