Kökar is different!


What is it, that makes Kökar so special?

Is it the magnificent nature, on all those islands of the outer archipelago? Is it the inhabitants? Is it the exciting history of Kökar, filled with seal hunters, monks, pirates and soldiers?

Or is it just that Kökar cannot be described in words? Is it that you have to come here and experience Kökar?

Kökar is...

...a small group of islands far out in the archipelago of Åland, between Finland and Sweden. You get here by ferryboat, operating daily both from the mainland of Åland and the archipelago of Åboland on the mainland of Finland.

... a unique miniature society. Despite that Kökar is a small municipality, there is high quality childcare, schooling, health care and care for the elderly. There are also services like a grocery store, a post office with bank services and a small pharmacy cabinet, accommodation and a library at your disposal. In summertime restaurants, kiosks and guest harbours are open.

... historically unique, much due to its strategic location by the natural deep water route west of Kökar. There are Bronze Age monuments, the ruins of a Franciscan monastery, remnants of fortifications from the world wars, and a multitude of exciting stories. The stories tell of people who came here, but also of those who lived here for centuries; the inhabitants of Kökar. At the local folklore museum you will find their story; the story of those who were both fishermen, peasants, emigrants, teachers and scholars.

... bursting with beautiful sights! The sea is always near. The variation of smooth, red and grey cliffs, barren rocks, leafy groves, animal- and birdlife and unpredictable weather may turn any excursion into an adventure. The nature and animal life of Kökar is worth experiencing!

Welcome to Kökar!

Kökar in brief

Karlby, Hellsö, Österbygge, Finnö, Söderby, Överboda, Kyrkogårdsö
A total of 2101,1 km²; 63,6 km² of which is land, the rest is sea
About 250 people and around 130 households
Sources of livelihood
Shipping, trade, tourism, agriculture and fishing
Daily ferryboat connections to the mainland of Åland and the archipelago of Åboland on the mainland of Finland.