Group travel in outer islands

Hotel Brudhäll in Karlby welcomes conferences with up to 40 participants. In the conference faciliteis you will find conference equipment, wireless Internet and opportunities to rent a video projector.

Klobbars Hostelry in Hellsö offers excellent facilities for conferences, camp schools and courses, where the unique arcipelago environment is essential for the creativity of the participants. Customized, complete packages including accommodation, food and transport is offered.

Havspaviljongen in Hellsö welcomes camp schools upon request. Programs and food is arranged in consultation, in order to offer a educational and memorable experience.

Havsgården on Kyrkogårdsö, just outside mainland Kökar, is specialized in camp schools and confirmation groups.

Sandvik guest harbour & camping will accept camp schools and confirmation groups who bring their own tents or stay in cabins. Programs and activities is customized to create an exciting and fun stay at Kökar.