Rental services

Kayak, canoe and rowing boat


Rent a kayak or a canoe! Paddling is an excellent way of seeing the archipelago.

You can easily steer between the islands, without having to worry about reefs. You can go on exciting excursions at your own leisure, and stop wherever you like. You need to get a detailed map or a nautical chart in advance.

At Estholms Kanotuthyrning, phone +358 40 5797750, Seasided Kajakuthyrning and Havspaviljongen you can rent both single and double kayaks. All equipment necessary is always included in the fee. The kayaks are suitable both for day trips and longer tours. You can also rent a canoe at Sandvik gästhamn. Sandvik and Havspaviljongen also have rowing boats for rent. 

You need to be 18 years old or accompanied by a parent in order to rent a kayak or a canoe. All paddling at your own risk. 

vaegren7_mthomassonBike and moped

Cycling is the perfect way of getting around on Kökar. Rent a bike at Havspaviljongen or at Karlby gästhamn or Sandvik guest harbours, enjoy the flowers along the the roadside, make a stop at a secluded bay and listen to the birdsong on a warm cliff somewhere along the way.

The distances are short and you'll have time for a cup of coffee between visits at the different sights. If you like to move faster, there are also mopeds for rent at Havspaviljongen.