Foto: Sundberg/HenrikssonKökar has Åland’s largest uninterrupted fishing licence waters! A fishing licence can be bought in the grocery store, online (swedish only), and at the tourism facilities.The fishing licence is personal. Please ask about fishing licences and other practicalities at your accommodation. In order to find the best fishing waters – use a local fishing guide. Read more.

Do come to Kökar in wintertime to try fishing in winter!

Please note and respect; the fishing prohibition applies to 15th June. Fishing from the shores is not allowed from 15th April to 15th June, nor fishing in marked spawning areas, during the same time.

Fishing licences


From the Café in the Bakery during opening hours.


From Sandvik's guest harbour during opening hours.

Minimum measurement for fishing on the Aland Islands:

Salmon: 60 cms

Salmon trout: 50 cms

Pike: 55 cms

Whitefish: 35 cms

Please do not catch more fish than you need.

Do not compeat with local fishermen by selling your catch.

Keep the nature tidy!

Note that you may not light a fire without landowners permission.

Consider birds and animals, especially young sea-birds.