The Franciscan Days

The Franciscan Days take place the first weekend in July every year. The festival is arranged by the society Franciskus på Kökar.

The festival became a tradition after Franciscan monks from Assisi in Italy visited Kökar, 450 years after the Franciscan monastery on the island was shut down.

The Franciscan festival has become known also outside the Nordic countries. The festival is ecumenical, which means that it reaches across the boundaries of different religions. The society wants to make visible the message and deeds of St Francis: the spiritual, the religious, the historic (relating to the monastery on Kökar), the musical and the environmental (relating to Francis’ love for nature).

The society Franciskus på Kökar is now involved in the process of re-creating a pilgrim from Turku, across the Aland Islands, the Sea of Åland and Sweden to Trondheim in Norway – the city was in the Middle Ages known as Nidaros. It is the first pilgrim in the world leading over water.