Close to nature

On Kökar you will find very versatile nature: from barren cliffs to lush greenery and a flora and fauna rich in species. 

You can admire the wonderful nature of Kökar during a walk along the marked footpaths, or during your own excursions on Kalen, along the shores, or on one of the many small islands and skerries.

There is also a guide at your disposal, by agreement. Ask your local host for more information.

vaegrenssmultron_mthomasson havet2_mthomasson koskadning_mthomasson

Nature is versatile, different and near on Kökar.

You can pick wild strawberries by the road while walking to the ferryboat. You may catch a glimpse of a roe deer on the forest path.

The stars in the dark blue night sky almost fall down on you, and silence fills your ears.

Cows watch you with tender, kind eyes while a ladybird lands on your arm.

You breathe the salty sea air and feel salt droplets against your skin warmed by the sun.

Red and gray cliffs polished by ice thousands of years ago...

fagelskyddsskylt_henrikssonRight of public access in Åland (Allemansrätten)

  • • Avoid private roads, gardens and piers, as well as cultivated land. Always close gates behind you.
  • • You may pick berries and mushrooms for your own needs. Avoid picking protected plants, such as orchids.
  • • Bait casting is NOT part of Allemansrätten. In order to be allowed to fish, you need to buy a fishing licence. From April 15 to June 15 are you not allowed to fish from the shore in order to protect breeding sea birds.
  • • According to good practice, you should not pitch a tent, or spend the night in a camping car or caravan, without the permission of the landowner. If permission is not possible, avoid to stay near buildings.
  • • Avoid to dock a private pier. Show respect and avoid disturbing the landowner when berthing our boat.
  • • You may NOT light an open fire without the permission of the landowner. The warmth from a fire may destroy the flat rocks forever.
  • • You need a permission from the Åland County Government, phone +358 (0) 18 25 000, to dive in order to explore ship wrecks.
  • • Please don’t leave any garbage in nature and please sort your refuse.
  • • Be gentle with nature!