Hike, walk, enjoy!

Nature trails on Kalen

Kalen is one of the most beautiful and interesting parts of Kökar. Here you will find magnificent nature, grey primary rock as well as historic remnants and monuments. The nature trails are planned so that there are three alternative starting- and ending points. This gives you the choice of walking tours of different distances. You will find maps at the municipality office. 

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Culture trail at Hamnö

The culture trail will take you to the most important remnants on Hamnö, while it leads you through typical Kökar nature. The best place to start the walk is the Franciscan chapel and the exhibition and its tales about Hamnö. The culture trail is about 1,5 kms long and is a cooperation between the museum department of Åland, the Kökar congregation and the folklore society of Kökar. There is an ongoing effort to maintain and put up signs at the excavated sights. You will find maps at the municipality office. 

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The walking trail at Klobbars

Klobbar's hostelry and cabins in Hellsö has created a 2 km walking trail over the grey flat rocks around the guest house. Directions are available at the guest house.

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